A Fantasy Wish List Of Holiday Presents I Wish I Got

Have you started holiday gift shopping yet? What’s on everyone’s wish lists for holiday presents?

Well, I don’t think I have every received anything more than small little Secret Santa gifts from the various companies that I have worked at. You know the one where you pick a name from a bowl and you have to buy a gift or two within the small budget that you are told to stick to and gift wrap it and give it the day before or maybe after Christmas at the office.

Those usually are what we get and give around here. But if I had a nice big Christmas wish, you know just for the sake of creating a Wish List so to say, I would hope to get a new laptop – one from either HP, Dell or Asus ith 16GB RAM, 1 TB hard drive and a Corei 7 atleast. How about a new smart tv – a 60 inch Samsung or Mi will go nicely in my room thank you very much. And a Blueray players plus a bunch of my favourite movies on Blueray And a Samsung Galay S24 Ultra – top of the line, beautiful and awesome. A new proper mic for my videos that I shoot for Youtube and maybe a nice big headset.

I would also like a new mattress to replace my old one. And though I have an Amazon Echo I would like a Google Home device. A new Tablet pc – like the Samsung Galaxy S9. What else? Oh well while we are at this fantasy list, how about a new apartment please? LOL.