Drupal : An Alternative To WordPress As A Blogging Platform

Among all CMSs, Drupal is often considered one of the highest-performing options. This open-source blogging software can support high-traffic websites with many pages. It has built-in performance features, like cache management and bandwidth optimization. These functions can boost your website speed and reduce bounce rates.

Drupal is also extensible. Its vast library of modules and themes offers complete control over your blog’s customization. That said, Drupal typically requires some technical expertise to maximize its features. To set up a Drupal blog, get a custom domain and a Drupal hosting service with a one-click installer. Once installed, you can change the website’s appearance, create your first article, or set up taxonomies to categorize your content.

The football club Arsenal uses Drupal to run its website, which includes a regularly-updated news section.

Key Features

  • Advanced taxonomy system. Create a custom classification to categorize your blog posts and pages. This feature is most useful for large-scale blogs and news publications.
  • Core contact form module. You can set up the user email to receive the messages and enable automatic replies.
  • Advanced user management. Define specific roles for different users, what actions they can perform, and what content they can access. If you have multiple contributors, this feature ensures smooth content collaboration.
  • Tight protection. Drupal security follows strict coding standards and a rigorous community review process to prevent cyber threats.
  • Over 40,000 modules. Yoast is available as a Drupal module to optimize the website for search engines. There are also other options to integrate social media, sell online, notify you of new comments, and more.


  • Steep learning curve. Like Joomla, Drupal is ideal for those with web development experience. Its advanced taxonomy system can be challenging to master.


Drupal is a free blog platform, though you will need a hosting service and domain to use it.

Since it is more suitable for a blog with multiple users and a sizeable content library, consider getting Hostinger’s Business plan. At Rs.269/month, it comes with a free domain, 200 GB NVMe storage, unlimited bandwidth, and free CDN to optimize your website performance.

Three Horror Movies Set Around American Thanksgiving

Escape Room (2019)

Thanksgiving is a time to think about what you are thankful for. For the characters in Escape Room, they are tricked into participating in a deadly game that, in a way, should make them feel thankful for their lives (if they manage to escape with them). Escape Room takes place in late November during Thanksgiving break for college student Zoey Davis (Taylor Russell). At first, Zoey and five other people think they are playing an escape room for a cash prize, but they quickly realize that losing means death. They also realize that they were picked for a reason because the trapped rooms each represent a moment in one of the players lives when they were probably incredibly thankful to be alive.

Kristy (2014)

Justine (Haley Bennett) is a college student who spends the Thanksgiving break almost entirely alone on campus, with the only other two humans who haven’t gone home for the holiday being a security guard and a groundskeeper. Justine suddenly finds herself targeted by a cult of killers who are obsessed with murdering religious people, whom they refer to as “Kristys”—with “Kristy” being derived from a Latin phrase meaning “follower of God.” In the face of constant cyber-harassment and real-life threats, Justine is forced to battle the cult single-handedly.

Black Friday (2021)

The day after Thanksgiving, popularly known as the shopping holiday Black Friday, is awful. You have to get up way too early and fight crowds of people in stores for limited merchandise when you should really be sleeping and resting after a hard day of eating turkey and stuffing (or dressing). Instead of participating in Black Friday, why not stay home and watch the Bruce Campbell horror comedy Black Friday? You’ll witness shoppers turned into zombie-like monsters by alien parasites which is way better than anything a real store has to offer.