Five Most Insane Black Friday Stories Ever From Retail Workers On Reddit

1. What do you do when you’ve been waiting for a sale for hours but your kid needs to use the bathroom? Well, one customer made an unsavory choice at a GameStop, leaving the store manager to deal with the repercussions. “Kid pooped on our floor because his mom didn’t want to leave and have to stand in line again,” the anonymous GameStop employee wrote on Reddit.

2. Black Friday inevitably involves disappointment. And when you don’t get the item you want, who are you going to call? One woman apparently thought the police were the right choice. “We had a lady call the police on our store because we sold out of a TV,” wrote Reddit user @thebootydiaries. “I really wish I was lying… they came, too.”

3. In some cases, the police are, as it turns out, definitely the right choice. As the following story proves, Black Friday shoppers can get violent! “My dad was a police officer when the toy of the year was Tickle Me Elmo,” recalled Redditor @jennyanydots711. “He responded to a call at Walmart or Target (I can’t remember which one exactly) about two women beating each other up over one. When he went to break up the fight, one of the women bit his arm so hard that she actually spit some of his skin and blood out onto the floor. He had to get his blood tested every six months for two years after the incident to make sure he didn’t get any diseases from her.”

4. Best Buy employee and Redditor @preternaturous worked on Black Friday in the early 2010s and has a story to prove it. “A gentleman grabbed one of the chairs from the Geek Squad counter and threw it at my coworker, because my coworker informed the man that we sold out of the iPad 2 four to five hours prior,” he wrote. “It was the worst 15-hour shift I’ve ever had to work; the blackest of Fridays.”

5. It’s not always HD TVs, tablets, and gaming units that set off Black Friday shoppers. “At Staples, I watched two grown men get into a brawling fist fight over a $30 label maker,” wrote Redditor @awsnapitsrachel. “It wasn’t even the last one.”