5 Easy Ways To Add More Vegetables To Your Diet

1. Make veggie-based soups : Soups are an excellent way to consume multiple servings of vegetables at once. You can make veggies the “base” by pureeing them and adding spices, such as in this broccoli spinach quinoa soup. Furthermore, it’s simple to cook veggies into broth- or cream-based soups. Adding even a small number of extra veggies, such as broccoli, to soups is a great way to increase your intake of fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

2. Experiment with veggie noodles : Veggie noodles are easy to make, and a great way to get more veggies in your eating plan. They’re also an excellent low carb substitute for high carb foods, such as pasta. They’re made by inserting vegetables into a spiralizer, which processes them into noodle-like shapes. You can also:

  • shred them
  • slice them with a mandoline
  • just cut them up as you please

You can use a spiralizer for almost any type of vegetable. They’re commonly used for zucchini, carrots, spaghetti squash, and sweet potatoes, all of which come packed with extra nutrients. Once the “noodles” are made, they can be consumed just like pasta and combined with sauces, other vegetables, or meat.

3. Add veggies to sauces : Adding extra vegetables to your sauces and dressings is a sneaky way to increase your veggie intake, especially if you have picky kids. While you’re cooking sauces, such as marinara sauce, simply add some veggies and herbs of your choice to the mix, such as chopped onions, carrots, bell peppers, and leafy greens like spinach. Pureeing roasted root vegetables can make for rich sauces with an Alfredo-like feel. Think carrots, sweet potatoes, squash, turnips, purple yam, beets, and kohlrabi. Try making pesto with roasted beets for the most vibrant dish ever.

4. Make a cauliflower pizza crust : Cauliflower is extremely versatile. You can rice it, roast it, stick it in a stew, puree it for silky goodness, and make it into a pizza crust. Replacing a regular, flour-based pizza crust with a cauliflower crust is as easy as combining finely chopped and drained cauliflower with eggs, almond flour, and some seasonings. You can then add your own toppings, such as fresh veggies, tomato sauce, and cheese. A cup (100 grams) of cauliflower contains only about 5 grams of carbs and 26 calories, in addition to lots of fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

5. Blend into smoothies : Smoothies make for a refreshing breakfast or snack. Green smoothies in particular are very popular for hiding loads of leafy greens in fruity packages. Typically, they’re made by combining fruit with ice, milk, or water in a blender. However, you can also add veggies to smoothies without compromising the flavor. Fresh, leafy greens are common smoothie additions, such as in this recipe, which combines kale with blueberries, bananas, and cucumber. Just 1 loosely packed cup (25 grams) of spinach contains more than a full day’s recommended amount of vitamin K and half of the recommended amount of vitamin A. The same serving of kale also provides high amounts of vitamin A, vitamin C, and lots of vitamin K. In addition, frozen zucchini, pumpkin, beets, avocado, and sweet potatoes work well blended into smoothies.

Prompt from 150+ Best Blog Post Ideas for February at Happily Dwell.com

14 Romantic Things You Can Do On February 14th

Go to An Amusement Park. Funnel cake, popcorn, roller coasters and big stuffed animals to be won? Talk about the best Valentine’s Day date ever.

Watch Your Wedding Video Together. Watch your wedding video together and reminisce about the big day. Nothing gets you in the romantic Valentine’s Day mood more than looking back on the momentous day that you said, “I do!”

Bottle Your Own Wine. Looking to try something new? Certain vineyards and organizations let you stomp your own grapes and then will bottle the wine for you to take home. Talk about a treat specially made just for you — by you!

Take a Tropical Trip. Take that trip you’ve been putting off for the last few years because you “didn’t have enough time.” Even if it’s only for a weekend, a sweet escape to somewhere warm is the perfect mid-winter pick-me-up.

Slow Dance to Your Favorite Song. Cue up the song that you danced to at your wedding or a ballad that you both absolutely love and let the music move you.

Dinner with Friends. You can always plan a romantic dinner for two, or you can get your friends in on the fun and host a group dinner. Make it a potluck to cut prep work in half and have everyone bring a dish they absolutely love.

Have a Photoshoot. Have you recently gotten engaged and have been meaning to take some engagement photos? Perhaps it’s been a while since the entire family took a group shot together? Dedicate time on Valentine’s Day to create photo memories and check something off your “To-Do” list with a photoshoot by a professional photographer.

Sign Up for a Cocktail-Making Class. Why go to a bar to grab drinks when you can take a cocktail class to learn how to make your favorites yourselves? Use it as a chance to show off your skills and at the end, you get to enjoy all your tasty creations — win, win!

Make Fondue. Calling all foodies. Have some fun with food by making cheese or chocolate fondue and see what combos pair perfectly with whatever you serve up.

Take a Bike Ride. If the weather is nice enough, take advantage of the fresh air and gorgeous scenery as you bike alongside your significant other. Perhaps you can grab brunch together after logging some miles on the open road?

Play Hooky. Take off from work and spend the day sleeping in, cooking breakfast together and doing pretty much whatever you want together — even if all you want to do is lay in bed all day and enjoy some R&R.

Have a Valentine’s Bake-off. In true Great British Baking Show fashion, have a friendly competition in the kitchen to see who can make the best (and most festive) Valentine’s Day desserts — extra points for anything heart-shaped, of course. Maybe you’ll even get a Paul Hollywood-style handshake at the end.

Enjoy Breakfast in Bed. Start the day off right by serving up a romantic Valentine’s Day breakfast, then enjoying it together while lounging in bed while still in your pjs. Don’t forget the champagne!

Take a Scenic Drive. Put together a road trip-worthy playlist and hit the pavement, even just for a spin around town. There’s something about driving that gets conversation flowing, especially if you’re just tooling around looking out the window.