What A Mess Of A Day!

Today was a mess.

1. I was running late already and even though I managed to get a cab very quickly, there was a big traffic jam enroute from my home to the office. Hence we had to take a longer route to reach there. But because of the traffic block caused by construction, the smaller roads on the other routes were all very busy and we had minor jams on there as well, making me even more late.

2. Due to a new version or something being released, I and several others could not login to Webex, which is very important for multiple tasks at the office. I struggled the entire day until the last 2 hours when, after I sat with our tech team for more than an hour, it finally got fixed.

3. I had to postpone one 3 hour session I was to conduct after trying in vain to get things setup. The other was delayed a lot.

4. In the end I was about to leave when one of my colleagues said he had bought biryanis for our team in lieu of it being his daughter’s 4th birthday the last week. He wanted to treat us. So I stayed for dinner with the team and then left for home.

Seven Canned Food That Are Pretty Healthy & Good For You

1. Beans : Canned beans include garbanzo beans, pinto beans, black beans, red kidney beans, and lima beans. They’re not only a staple for vegan and vegetarian diets but also save you a lot of time, as dried beans require hours of soaking before you can cook them.

2. Canned meat and fish : Canned meat and fish are excellent, inexpensive sources of protein. Be sure to buy proteins canned in water or brine, not oil or sauces, for their lower calorie and fat content.

3. Diced tomatoes : Canned diced tomatoes are not only nutritious but also crucial in a number of recipes.

4. Coconut milk : This dairy-free milk substitute is a great, lightly sweet choice for numerous recipes.

5. Baby corn : Corn sometimes gets a bad rap since starchy vegetables like corn, potatoes, and winter squash have more carbs than non-starchy veggies like broccoli, mushrooms, and peppers.

6. Mandarin oranges : There’s no need to deal with a peel with canned mandarin oranges. This naturally sweet, tangy fruit is bursting with nutrients. Still, to cut down on your intake of added sugar, it’s best to buy mandarin oranges canned in juice rather than syrup.

7. Olives : With their distinct flavors and nutrients, olives do more than garnish your martini glass.