Ten Terrific Facts About Tacos

#1: Tacos have been around for a very long time

How long? Well, some believe the taco was invented between 1000 and 500 B.C, although the word ‘taco’ originated from Mexican silver miners in the 18th century. At the time it was used to describe the thin sheets of paper wrapped in gunpowder that was used as an explosive, although the miners did enjoy a more flavorsome alternative as part of their staple diet. For more, check out our post on the history of the taco.

#2: Some tacos may be out of your price range

We pride ourselves on our tacos and the affordable prices that come with them. However, there is one high-end resort in Las Vegas that sells tacos at a whopping $25,000. These tacos are costly because they are infused with gold and you have to be a guest at the resort’s Presidential Suite if you want to buy one. Our advice? Stick with our tacos. They are far more affordable and probably just as delicious!

#3: The world’s largest taco was quite a mouthful

How big do you like your tacos? We bet it’s smaller than the world’s largest taco that was constructed in Queretaro, Mexico, on November 20, 2011. It was 246 feet long, stretched an entire city block, and was filled with carnitas (pulled pork).

#4: There is a day to celebrate tacos

October 4th is National Taco Day in the US so celebrate this great day with a meal at your favourite restaurant.

#5: Taco is translated as ‘light lunch’

The word taco means ‘light lunch,’ which is quite ironic when you consider the fact that people like to fill their tacos with all kinds of delicious and sometimes heavy fillings!

#6: Tacos can be filled with anything

What do you like in your tacos? Many people enjoy them filled with pork, chicken, and other meats, but they can be served as vegetarian dishes too. Some people like to fill their corn tortillas with fried grasshoppers, so there really can be a taco for all tastes!

#7: Some people eat tacos at a specific time of the day

Taco time can be anytime, right? Sure, especially if you’re in the mood for a delicious snack. However, according to Mexican tradition, there are specific times to eat a taco. Seafood tacos are meant to be eaten at lunchtime and antojitos are supposed to be eaten at dinner time to stave off any nighttime food cravings.

#8: The first-ever food truck was probably a taco truck

There may be some debate over this one but it is believed that the first official food truck was a taco truck, opened by Raul Martinez, a Mexican immigrant in 1974, outside of an LA diner. So successful was Raul, that he now owns the King Taco chain of restaurants!

#9: Tacos are out of this world

We mean this literally, as astronauts often consume them when they are out on their missions, as tacos are supposedly less messy to eat in a zero-gravity environment.

#10: Tacos have their own TV show

Not only can you eat tacos but you can watch them too! The Spanish-language series, Taco Chronicles, is on Netflix, so take a peek if you want to learn more great facts from the wonderful world of tacos!