Why Are Cocktails Called “Cocktails”?

A cocktail is any beverage, appetizer, or hors d’oeuvres that’s made with two or more ingredients. Liquid cocktails usually have at least one kind of alcohol in them and food cocktails are typically finger food that’s served cold. The word cocktail comes from the Creole apothecary Antoine Peychaud and the drinks he used to serve in New Orleans. Around the mid-1800s, Peychaud used to serve mixed brandy drinks in a French eggcup.

The French version of the word eggcup is coquetier, which Peychaud’s customers shortened to “cocktay.” Over time, this word was Americanized even further until it became “cocktail” and this version has stuck ever since. Based on this, the word cocktail refers both to the drink itself and the glass it’s served in.

Cocktails typically have a base liquor, like vodka or gin, and come with other flavored ingredients like fruit juice. Some drinks are simple and only involve two liquid ingredients. Other cocktails are more complex, involving a base liquor, several fruit juices, spices, and a garnish. Still, other drinks have ingredients like dairy, such as eggnog or a Chocolatini.

Tips To Become A Full Time Blogger

#1. Don’t quit your 9-5 job now

If you currently have a job or business and you’re thinking of quitting to blog full time, I want to recommend you hold on until you’ve saved enough money to keep you going for the next 12 months and more. Creating and publishing blog posts won’t pay your bills. If it was that easy, everyone would be blogging full time. One difficult area of blogging is monetizing your effort. The money is what we need to cater for our responsibilities. But full time bloggers don’t blog for money. YES!  Don’t blog to make money. Blog to provide solutions to your readers. Once they get satisfaction, they will pay for your services.

#2. Invest in yourself

To succeed as a full time blogger, you must invest in yourself as the blogger. There is a difference between the blog and the blogger. You can put in a few bucks and get a powerful blog in the next few hours. But the success of the blog will highly depend on the blogger behind the blog. That’s why you must give yourself the necessary skills to carry your blog to the next level. As a well trained blogger, you’ll find out that a huge portion of your income won’t be directly linked to your blog. For instance, if you are hired to train or speak at an event, you won’t be paid as the owner of some powerful blog. You will be paid because you are found qualified to deliver.

My advice is that you get some reasonable amount of knowledge in:

  1. Content creation

  2. Content promotion

  3. Social media

  4. Search engine optimization

  5. List building

  6. Graphics and image processing

  7. Product creation

  8. Etc.

There are lots of free resources online to learn these things. If you can sign up to paid platforms or be coached by some professionals, that would be a better option.

#3. Choose an evergreen blogging topic

Your main blog should be based on a topic that’s not limited to season or events. Now, as a full time SEO blogger, I can create event-based blogs as well. But, the topic of my main blog is evergreen. Don’t build your blogging career on shallow topics. If you are a Christmas blogger for instance, you will only be relevant during that season. There is a long list of inexhaustible evergreen blogging topics out there. It doesn’t have to be difficult to come up with one. You just have to pick the right topic based on passion and/or knowledge.