Six Weird Laws In Jamaica

1. It is illegal to empty a privy between the hours of 4 am and 10 pm

A privy is an old-fashioned term for an outdoor bathroom. Back in the days, people would use outdoor toilets or bedpans. Since they did not have sewer systems or modern toilets, they had to empty the contents manually in the early morning or late afternoon. But emptying them anytime between 4 am and 10 pm is illegal.

2. It is illegal to shake or beat a mat after 8am

Yes! You read that correctly. This rule is applicable to rugs, mats and carpets, with the exception of door mats.

3. It is illegal to bury someone after 6pm

This law is more popular than the rest and it is also still observed today. If a burial does not commence before 6 pm, the funeral will have to be pushed to the next day.

4. It is illegal to have a pigsty at a main road

Back in the day, farming was one of the main sources of income for people in Jamaica, and this continues to be the case for a few. A pigsty usually carries and unpleasant scent that many wish to avoid if necessary. If a pig is let loose, they can also cause nuisance to those in public spaces. As such, it is illegal to have a pigsty at a main road that is not shut off with a wall or fence.

5. It is illegal to sell rope after 6 pm

Yup, that’s right! So no matter what you do, always ensure that you purchase your rope before 5:59 pm.

6. It is illegal to disturb someone by ringing their doorbell

The law stipulates that unless it is for a lawful reason, there should be no pulling or ringing of a doorbell to disturb the persons within the house. Knocking is also prohibited and it is illegal to unlawfully enter a building or house to annoy anyone within.