What Is AVIF?

AVIF is an image file format developed by the¬†Alliance for Open Media¬†that can be used by anyone. It can store both still and animated images with the “.avif” file extension, using¬†lossless or lossy compression. AVIF stands for AV1 Image File Format on account of its use of AV1 compression. It is widely seen as a replacement for¬†HEIC (High-Efficiency Image Container), which uses HEVC (High-Efficiency Video Coding) instead of the newer AV1.

In case you’re confused:¬†AV1 compression will eventually replace the older HEVC standard. Since the old HEIC container relies on HEVC, AVIF has been introduced as a new image format that makes use of newer AV1 compression. AVIF supports both¬†high dynamic range (HDR)¬†and standard dynamic range (SDR) content, including the commonly-used sRGB and BT.2020 color spaces. It supports color depths of 8, 10, and 12-bits, film grain preservation, transparency like¬†PNG¬†images, and animations just like¬†the GIF format.

AVIF and WebP are engineered to outclass traditional formats like JPEG in compression efficiency significantly. AVIF, leveraging the advanced AV1 codec, generally achieves superior compression and, thus, smaller file sizes for equivalent image quality.

Celtic Of Glasgow Win Their 3rd Scottish League Title

Another title. Champions again. The familiar sight of Brendan Rodgers with arms aloft, hands waving, face smiling. Celtic have won their 12th Scottish Premiership title in 13 seasons. They only needed a draw from a trip to Kilmarnock to be crowned champions, but ended up winning 5-0. Celtic went into their penultimate game at the top of the table and three points clear of their rivals Rangers. That meant just a point from a draw with Kilmarnock would be enough to get their hands on the trophy. It might have just been one point, but it wasn’t guaranteed as Celtic lost their last two games at Kilmarnock.

But Celtic managed to score five goals – including two from man of the match Matt O’Riley. Celtic will lift the championship trophy in front of their home crowd after their final league match against St Mirren on Saturday 18 May. The following week, they have their chance to get their hands on more silverware as they take on Rangers in the Scottish Cup final. Any match between Celtic and Rangers is known as¬†the Old Firm derby – they are the two biggest names in Scottish football and are both based in Glasgow. No club other than Celtic and Rangers have won the Scottish league title since Aberdeen in 1985.