What will it be like in the future? Let’s say a 100 years from now. What will things look like? I dunno but I would like to take a guess.

Well for one, none of us will be alive to make sure that this is even remotely like how it is, but for one I think science will advance things quite a bit more. Humans will all have 3D televisions at home and they will cost a fraction of what the current tvs cost. And by 3D I mean it will pop out and you can get a view of what you are watching from all sides.

Travel will become cheaper and people will travel a lot more and a lot faster than we currently do now. But your luggage will still get lost about the same number of times it does now. A few languages will die out. There will be more atheists or non-believers (whatever you want to call us) than we currently have now. But religion will still be around and strong but not as strong as it used to be.

There will be people reeling from a huge war, maybe even a huge one on a global scale. Societies will be rebuilt and the population will be down in certain areas. Can we look for colonization of another planet/moon something? Wouldn’t it be cool to be able to walk on an alien planet? Look up at the sky and see different views than what we see on earth?

I dunno, I hope some of these things come true.

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