22 Years Ago

Today, February 26th, marks the 22nd anniversary of the Liberation of Kuwait from the Iraqi invasion. After almost 7 months of occupation the nation got liberated after Iraq a war waged by a U.N.-authorized Coalition force from 34 nations led by the United States, against Iraq in response to Iraq’s invasion and annexation of Kuwait. Although the official declaration of ceasefire by then US President George Bush & the Kuwaiti liberation was done on the 28th, it is the 26th that the Kuwaitis celebrate.

I’ll never forget the day that Iraq invaded Kuwait and watching the scenes on tv – it was August 2nd, 1990, which was also my 14th birthday. For Saddam and Iraq to invade my birth nation (although I never got citizenship and am fully Indian, I still do consider Kuwait with plenty of fondness) on the birthday of a 14 year old who loved Kuwait and who had just left that country for good, 3 years ago – it was a bitter pill to swallow personally. I remember having a great old party with my relatives and some friends and we were at my sister’s friend’s aunt’s house to drop her off when the news came on the tv. This friend of my sister was also a former Kuwaiti born & raised child and her parents were still in Kuwait while she studied in a college here in India. She was crying and praying for her parents and family friends and hoping that they would be alright and come back to India safely. I was shocked and couldn’t believe the images that I was watching on the screen in front of me. I hated Saddam Hussain and all Iraqis about as much as one can at that time. Ofcourse I don’t hate Iraqis but yeah – Saddam got what he deserved and should have gotten quite a few years ago and I hope he suffered a whole lot!

And those idiots who supported Saddam – and there were a few in our country and in my own city / state – fuck you idiots!

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  1. Some of our family friends had to live in camps for a month or so until they could return to India. Luckly for our family my uncle, mom’s older brother, and his family were in India for a visit when it happened. They lost some belongings and most of my uncle’s savings but he was able to go back a couple of years later and make it back.

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