Internet Down

No internet at home tonight on my computer. Not sure where exactly the problem is but the DSL link light on my modem is showing as down and since nothing seems damaged or broken inside the apartment it could be that there is a cable fault outside. I tried everything I could think of over here including unplugging everything and plugging them back in but there’s no hope for me.

I called up the customer care of my ISP and gave a complaint but since it was 6:45pm I can only expect it to be fixed by noon tomorrow. I will fill my time in watching a movie or two and also am watching a bit of the old cartoon Kimba The White Lion to pass the time. So goodnight early folks.

3 thoughts on “Internet Down

  1. George I had a situation like that for 3 weeks back in 2010 when my computer died on me and I had to wait for 3 weeks to get a new one (money being the issue) and was so bored outta my mind.

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