29 Is Fine

If you could be any age again for a week, which would you choose?

For some reason, I always hark back to the age of 29. I think it’s because 29 is a good age to be. You are not yet into your 30s and it’s the last year of your 20s. I think It’s a great age for men to be. My 2005, the year I turned 29, was a good year until late October.

I got promoted at work and I loved my work. I went early to my shift, even 2 or 3 hours (I was crazy back then), because I enjoyed it. I had a good set of friends at work and the ones who were just below me were like my younger brothers & sisters (heck, I was called Roshan bhai). My superiors appreciated me and I had a good & solid reputation at the office.

I didn’t make much money, my then salary was a pittance compared to what I make now yet I had fun and I enjoyed myself. I went to drink almost every weekend and I had a lot of fun. I relaxed and watched a lot of tv on Sundays. Somehow I wish I could go back to that year. I had so much potential and promise and I was greatly appreciated.

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