I Want To Believe

What are the six impossible things you believe in? (If you can only manage one or two, that’s also okay.)

I’m gonna have fun with this blog prompt; these answers are for stuff that I just am interested in and may believe but I don’t hold them that dearly or base my life around it. It’s just the imagination & the scifi/supernatural/fantasy lover in me. But I find them to be plausible but at the same time they are not proven scientifically and hence….you know.

  1. Aliens not only exist but quite possibly have visited earth many many times in the past though not quite frequently since modern times. You see, when aliens first came to earth it was tens of thousands of years ago they found us humans to be highly primitive and influenced our development and our history. Some of the aliens were kind hearted and helped us but the vast majority of them used us for their own gain. Their superior intellect & technology scared us and we made them gods. All the religions, except for a couple smaller ones, were due to this aliens who did all these miracles. That explains a lot doesn’t it? However as humankind grew & developed, the aliens decided to leave us and around 1400 years ago, the last group left. From time to time their descendants, who have no interest in enslaving us, have visited in much smaller numbers but they leave quickly without establishing contact.
  2. Atlantis was a real place, a real huge island of much more advanced humans. They were infact descendants of the offspring between the said aliens and human beings and all the children thus produced were sent to live on Atlantis. Thus the inhabitant of Atlantis were all a new breed of alien-human hybrids if you will. They were mostly human looking but they had two hearts, superstrength compared to the strongest humans and highly intelligent. They lived to explore, discover & study and had little or no time for superstitions or religious nonsense. However Atlantis the island was doomed to sink below the ocean water and hence the Atlantians were evacuated into giant spaceships and they set forth for a nearby planet in the Milky Way. One day we shall meet them again.

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