3 Albums By Rock Bands That Turned 40 In April 2024

Grace Under Pressure¬†is the tenth studio album by Canadian¬†rock¬†band¬†Rush, released April 12, 1984, on¬†Anthem Records. After touring for the band’s previous album, Signals (1982), came to an end in mid-1983, Rush started work on a follow-up in August. Grace Under Pressure was influenced by the growing tensions in the Cold War in the 1980s. Led by Distant Early Warning, the other hits include the haunting Red Sector A, Afterimage and the Body Electric but also have the crowd favourite Kid Gloves & Between The Wheels.

Caught in the Act¬†is a¬†live¬†double album¬†by¬†Styx, released in 1984. It contains one new song, “Music Time,” which was released as a single, reaching #40 on the¬†Billboard¬†Hot 100 charts. Caught in the Act¬†is also the name of a VHS video recording that featured the band acting out the concept established in their¬†Kilroy Was Here album. A DVD version was released on December 11, 2007. Shortly after this album’s release,¬†Tommy Shaw¬†announced his departure from the band to pursue a solo career. The band then went into hiatus for the rest of the 1980s.¬†Caught In The Act¬†would ultimately prove to be the final album by the massively successful 1975-84 Styx lineup of¬†Dennis DeYoung, Shaw,¬†James Young,¬†Chuck Panozzo, and¬†John Panozzo;

Street Talk¬†is¬†Steve Perry’s first solo studio album, released in April 1984. Street Talk¬†contains Perry’s biggest hit as a solo artist, “Oh Sherrie”, written for his then-girlfriend Sherrie Swafford The song hit #3 on the Billboard¬†Hot 100¬†and #1 on Billboard’s Rock chart, and the accompanying music video (also featuring Swafford) was a hit on¬†MTV. Other singles included “Foolish Heart” (peaked at #18), “She’s Mine” (peaked at #21), and “Strung Out” (peaked at #40). There were a number of nods to Perry’s pre-Journey¬†band Alien Project on this album‚ÄĒin fact, that band was originally going to be called Street Talk.

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