3 Day Weekend

It’s been a long while since I had a 3 day weekend. This Monday is Onam and hence it is a holiday. Not that it matters much in the current coronavirus situation. Actually, wait – I take that back. I can make it matter. So yeah bring on the 3 day weekend. Cause I got plans. It doesn’t matter than most of it is gonna be done from my bed.

Saturday I plan to go out. I need a haircut badly and I want to get that done now that’s it becoming warmer again. The rains have gone but it will come back again, however I need this haircut. Then I plan to buy some beer from the bar next to it. I am looking for a couple of brands in particular and I might buy them only if those brands are available.

After that I need to get to a medical store and buy some meds for the folks and my inhalers. After that I will go to Farm Gold and buy some fruits and groceries. Snacks perhaps and some colas, 7up. I will also go and get some food in one of the few places that are open for dine in. Maybe a pizza or a steak or pasta. I dunno. And some coffee. Cafe 17 is most probably my destination but I will decide later.

And I will watch some movies. I plan to try and binge the Lord of The Rings movies if I can. It is long overdue. I have only watched them once.

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