3 Day Weekend Turns Out To Be A Faster Than Speed Of Light Rest

Well we had a second 3 day weekend in a row. Last week it was Muharam, a muslim festival on Monday, and this week it was Indian Independence Day yesterday. While last weekend it was unexpected and ended up being highly convenient (I had a doctor’s appointment and as I was leaving, I had major cramps which made me want to rest the rest of the day), this one was well known in advance as well it is hard to miss out on this day.

What would I do in a 3 day weekend. The plan was to go to the hospital to see an ENT specialist but I ended up having to work so late on Friday that I slept after 3 am and woke up very tired. I hence cancelled my appointment and decided to go another day, possibly even on Monday. I took Saturday for total rest and even slept a few hours post lunch. The rest of the day I watched the last 3 episodes of the Obi Wan Kenobi series on Disney+ Hotstar. For dinner I ordered a burger from this place called So-Bur that I have been meaning to try out for so long. It wasn’t that good in the end and I went to sleep early.

Sunday was more relaxed and I spent the day listening to music, watching a whole lot of Youtube videos. I ended up watching Jurassic World : Dominion in the afternoon and then watched more Youtube until midnight and then went to sleep. I thought about going out on Independance Day, Monday, but I had a rough night and therefore was tired again yesterday. I decided to skip going out and just relaxed the same as Sunday. And now I wait for my phone to arrive and then get ready for the work day to start at 1:30 pm. I just wonder how come the weekend went by faster than the speed of light.

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