3 More Weird Laws In South Africa

1. In South Africa, there are several laws outlining permissible behavior between civilians and bears. This is odd considering that no bear has naturally lived in sub-Saharan Africa for the last 1.5 million years. The only bear species known to have inhabited this part of the world is the extinct ursid agriotherium africanum, according to Quora. One law states that in South Africa, people are prohibited from bringing bears to public or private beaches, according to Prezi.com. Bear wrestling is also illegal in the country, according to Nairaland.com.

2. South African youth are subject to some laws when it comes to physical contact while wearing bathing suits. In South Africa it’s illegal for young people in bathing suits to sit less than 12 inches apart, according to Exitzero.us.

3. South African marriage law recognizes three different types of marriages; civil marriages, customary marriages, which recognize polygamy, and civil unions, according to Mg.co.za. Some legislators are pushing for a law that would require a man’s first wife to consent to polygamous marriage.

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