3 Questions On Quora About Atheism & My Answers

Q. Atheists, if you were taking a walk and suddenly heard a voice from the clouds that said “the Kingdom of God is at hand. Repent and believe in the Gospel,” how would you react? Would you have a heart attack on the spot?
A. Heart attack? No. I will wonder “Oh no! Not another nutjob Christian fundy trying to push his/her religion onto us.”

Q. If all of us turn atheist, will we celebrate any festivals?
A. Yeah! Totally. And we will make up some new ones that have real meaning and it will be awesome. Dedicated to science, the arts, music, Star Trek etc. Festivus would ofcourse be the main one.

Q. What percentage of Indians are atheists?
A. It is very difficult to get a correct answer. There are many Hindus, Muslims & Christians in India who do not believe but bow to family pressure. I have a couple in my family. Among my first cousins I am the only open atheist but I know for a fact, from our discussions, that two others are atheists too but they have never spoken out. I do have second cousins who are atheists.

Similarly I know folks from the Muslim community who do not believe but they are scared of being ostracized by their family & community. Some Christians too. But it has been changing a lot in the last few years. While I only knew a handful of atheists in my home state 20 years ago, now it’s in the 100s personally.

Someday it will be much easier to come out as atheist in this country and then you will know a proper number.

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