3 Things I Appreciate About Myself!

List 3 things that you appreciate about yourself.

1. I think I have good communication skills. I have been told I am able to explain things and processes, especially at work, really well and that I make use of real life examples first and then use that understanding to complement the understand for people when I am explaining / training something new to them.

2. I seem to get along well with a lot of people. Not like “let’s hang out, let’s be bosom buddies” kinda thing which anyway can only be for a small list of folks but more like a general way of being pleasant and friendly with as many people as possible. Ofcourse there are some that irk me and I can’t stand them and I’m sure that they can’t stand me either.

3. I’m basically a nice guy! I have my flaws, sure do, and at times I do hate myself for certain things that I have done but overall, I am a nice person who will try to help as long as you don’t piss me off.

Prompt from 31 Best August Journal Prompts for 2022 at Lifegram

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