3 Types Of Facebook Status Updates

The first type of status update is the religious kind. Teaching or preaching the word of god to the flock. Irrespective of which religion it is, there is an over all feeling of belittling oneself and lowering oneself to be a nothing without their god of choice. Is that all we are? A planet of playthings, muppets on a string for some imagined & make believe celestial body to toss & turn around with? Some of these posts are of a person throwing themselves at the feet of their deity and crying and saying that they unworthy but to please listen to their prayers and pleas. And worse is taking all credit of someone’s achievements and giving glory to a fucking god! And liking a particular status post / pic if they like Jesus or Mohammed or Allah or Ganesh etc etc. What about using a dangerously ill or injured baby or child or even a grown up and saying that for each ‘like’ and ‘share’ god will give blessings; or if that post reaches it’s target of a certain number of ‘share’ or ‘likes’ that ill baby will be saved!

The second kind is of the preaching kind, mostly related to religion. Showing up on certain days and telling us that we are sinners, we are wrong and that we should atone right now! And they will tell you the right way to do things. The right way according to whom? Some bronze age bigots & fanatics who couldn’t distinguish morality if it came and fucked them in the ass? No thank you. And worse, a tragedy is attributed to the wrath of a god because the person or persons who had the tragedy befall them did not believe in a god or worshiped the ‘wrong one’. Well since tragedy is unbiased and will happen to people of all caste, creed & religion I guess every religion & god are the wrong ones!

Status updates that I hate also is announcing the birth of their child and giving the credit to god. ‘By the grace of god we are bless with a baby…”. I mean come on! Is life so insignificant that everything is attributed to a non-existent sky daddy who is so interested in your sex life but does nothing to save the millions who are killed each year? Who demands your complete devotion and total obedience without explanation or questioning but hasn’t proved it’s existence or  that it is really responsible for everything in this universe and beyond, the creator and preserver? Please! I know some of you will not like this and have your own comments. Shove it, I am not in the mood to listen to your preaching. Besides I have heard it all before and you have nothing new to offer to the debate. I got the load off my chest and I am a bit satisfied now.


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