3 Weddings and an Engagement

Just what is it with tomorrow, the 2nd of September? I feel so torn, obligated to attend all 4 functions that are to be held tomorrow and knowing that I can’t. At best I can probably make it to 2, the 2 that are in the city, so I could theoretically show my mug at one wedding and race to the second just in time for lunch being served & pleasantries. The engagement is in Perumbavoor and that is the one I most want to go.

This is the engagement of two people I know very well from my earlier company – the guy is like a younger brother to me and the girl is like a kid sis to me! Obviously, they don’t feel brother-sister like to each other! Or else this would be one weird wedding! The 3rd wedding is in Kottayam and the person I know the least.

So what will I do? Which function or functions will I go to tomorrow? In the end, I guess I will probably not go to any of them and just stay home!

Song for the day – “I’m Sensitive” – JEWEL

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