3 Women Arrested For Raping Men

In what must be one of the craziest kind of crimes that I have ever heard of being committed, 3 women were arrested in Zimbabwe for raping men and harvesting their semen! I’ll let that shock sink in before you read the rest.

Apparently these 3 Zimbabwean women prey on male hitchhikers, raping the men in order to steal their semen for ritualistic purposes. Their trial began on Monday, 28th November. The cops say that there have been dozens of attacks reported and who knows how many unreported cases out there. The typical modus operandi of the women is to pick up male hitchhikers and force them to have sex after injecting them with a “sex drug,” sometimes at gunpoint. The three women were caught following a road accident when 31 used condoms filled with semen were found in the car. The women claim that they are prostitutes who were too busy to dispose of the condoms. The women are charged with aggravated sexual assault rather than rape, as Zimbabwean law does not recognize the act of women raping men.

One alleged victim, according to BBC News , released a statement on national television saying, one of the women threw water in his face, injected him with something that gave him “a strong sexual desire” and made him have sex with each women several times while using condoms. He was then abandoned in a bush, totally naked and help by some people who were gathering grass nearby and they called the police. The man says that he was taken to hospital to deal with the effects of this drug that he had been given, as the urge to have sex was still there!

Police have said they believe the three accused are just part of a nationwide syndicate of women sexually assaulting men to profit from their semen. Possible motives have included suggestions that the semen is being sold abroad, used to bring business success, or sold to faith-healers in South Africa for rituals that are conducted to make one wealthy!

When I read this, after my initial shock of the rapes being done, I have only one question in mind? Why rape the men when surely they would be easily able to find ready & willing volunteers?

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  1. I don’t think I would want a vial of semen to make me wealthy. Ewwww. Poor guys – it must have been quite traumatic for them.

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