300 Million Year Old Forest Discovered

From Gizmodo & Science Daily:

Much like Pompeii, a 300-million-year-old tropical forest was preserved in ash when a volcano erupted in what is today northern China, under a coal mine. American and Chinese scientists are flabbergasted after discovering a giant 298-million-year-old forest buried intact under a coal mine near Wuda, in Inner Mongolia, China. It is being called the Pompeii of the Permian period because it is covered & preserved by volcanic ash, just like the Ancient Italian city. This swamp forest is so perfectly maintained that scientists know where every plant originally was, labeling it to be like a time capsule.

Standing there you will be able to find a branch with the leaves attached, and then onto the next branch and the next branch and the next branch and finally the stump of the same tree. They are in fact finding entire trees and plants exactly as they were at the time of the volcanic eruption. The researchers discovered the 10,763-square-foot (1000-square-meter) area hidden under a coal mine using heavy industrial machinery. They believe that this frozen-in-time fossilized forest was covered under gigantic amounts of ash that fell from the sky for days. During the Permian, which extends from 299 to 251 million years ago, During the Permian, which extends from 299 to 251 million years ago. This is also when the first groups of mammals, turtles, lepidosaurs and archosaurs started to roam the Earth.

Haha and the Christian fundamentalists & the bible wants you to believe that the earth is only 6000-10,000 years old!

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  1. And some of them believe that dinosaurs were in the garden of Eden with Adam and Eve. I don’t know what to say to that one. What an incredible find this forest is. Just blows your mind when you think about it!

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