3000 Man

Do you belong in this day and age? Do you feel comfortable being a citizen of the 21st-century? If you do, explain why — and if you don’t, when in human history would you rather be?

Yes and no. I do like this age, the 21st Century. Lots of good things – with the exception of music. New music sucks in this day and age. Silly, nonsensical lyrics and repetitive rubbish rap. Anyways, lots of other good things in this time. But I want more.

I wish I were born in the age of easy and quick space exploration. I want to zoom amongst the stars and travel the galaxy and maybe beyond. I wanna see various new worlds, walk on an alien planet, lie in the meadows of a planet that different than ours and stare up at the night sky. I wanna chase a shooting star and land on a rogue planet. I wanna blast asteroids and go into nebulas and check out various star clusters. When will this happen? The year 3000?

I wanna be in the space age, where going to another star system is as easy as getting on a plane, train or bus or even a private vehicle and driving to the next city. Setup a few residences on various planets and visit them. Maybe even have awesome sex with a few choice alien females. I wanna see the universe. I wish I lived in that day and age.

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