Words & Phrases I Dislike

If you could permanently ban a word from general usage, which one would it be? Why?

Just one word. Gee, I dunno there’s a bunch of words and what they mean or ascertain to that I would want to get rid of. Religion for one. Born-again (is that one hyphenated word?), faith as pertaining to the religious minded folk, god, devil, angel and all that shit, jihad, taliban (ban the taliban), etc etc. I’d like to get rid of the word theist and all kinds of theism so I don’t have to define myself as an atheist instead of the right & only word I want – human!

Banning words; words aren’t the problem. It’s the meaning & actions associated with them that are the issues. I’m all for changes to words or coining up a new & better sounding word for something that we already know. If it is just words, dumb stupid words there’s a few – I find YOLO to be the most ridiculous one that is out there now and used only by a section of society. I’d get rid of that right now.

Regarding India and more specifically the corporate world in India, which is about as ridiculously cliched as can be, there’s a few words & phrases I’d like to get rid of. The management always seem to throw these words about without bias or basis and they don’t realize that they look & sound absolutely ridiculous. I’m talking about stuff like ‘moments of truth’, ‘standard operating procedure’ and all that shit! Most of the time, the idiots who keep repeating it and demanding it have no clue as to when to use it and when it becomes just a word or phrase thrown about when you have nothing worthwhile to contribute.

And finally I’d like to get rid of ‘may god bless you’ and especially “by the grace of god we were blessed with a baby’ because both just piss me off! Those of who are believers and use it and like it – good, I don’t!

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