32 Hours Later

I am just so tired right now. I have done a big day and I feel like I could sleep for 3 days at a stretch now. I went to work at 12:30 am last night, or reached the office at 12:30 am and left the office at 6pm and just reached home at 7pm. That is a long time. I was also awake from 11:30 am on Thursday as well. 32 hours awake as I post this.

The reason I did that was since my colleague, who is now handling the training batch of 26 new hires which I had started taking for the first few days, had to take a leave today due to the death of her aunt. So instead of doing my Thursday shift of 6:30 pm I came in much later at 12:30 am and stayed with them till 10:30 am when they left the office. I could have gone at that time but I chose to do a double shift or atleast 16 hours at the office and do some other work.

I did this cause I could then come back after 6pm today and not have to go back till Monday. This means that even if I am so tired now not having slept for a long time I get my Friday evening free and I can sleep early and get my Saturday free to do as I please. That is worth it.

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