320 GB External HDD From Transcend

I had begun to run out of space on my hard drive and on my 120 GB Western Digital external drive. The WD had less than 90 MB space remaining and my hard disk had about 120 MB perhaps left. So last evening I headed over to  to the computer peripherals store in Bay Pride Mall, where I had bought my 120 GB drive. I was hoping to get a 500 GB drive or check out to see if the prices of a 1TB had dropped. However, all the drives that they had were on the wrong side of the price ranges that I had expected. I didn’t want to spend that much money on it and so settled for a 320 GB drive from Transcend.

As you can see here is a beautiful packaged and the casing is so smooth. It’s not too big – heck it’s just a little bigger than a BlackBerry Bold handset! I’ve moved all of my movies there and most of my tv series episodes as well. I plan on using my WD 120 GB only for Star Trek movies and Star Trek : Voyager (as I watch them a lot) and ofcourse my MP3s.

3 thoughts on “320 GB External HDD From Transcend

  1. That looks nice.One of my friend has a similar one.It looks thinner when rubber proection is removed.What about the warranty, lifetime or 5 years? Next time u buy any computer accessory check out IMC(international marketing company) Ravipuram. Its a wholesale deopt. But u can get retail and goods are much cheaper there..

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