Sleep, You Elusive Creature

Well it’s been a hectic three days. After the lull of a nice weekend which was really good, I’ve barely had much sleep since then. I went to bed late on Sunday night, or should I say Monday morning, to adjust to the fact that I will be working a late night shift of 11:30pm – 8:30 am for this week. I fully expected to sleep on Monday afternoon and get to work late that evening.

But I had some news for me on Monday afternoon; due to some requirement I went in early – 5 hours early to be specific – and 14 hours early I staggered out into the light. But I couldn’t sleep as much as I would have liked to, just barely getting 5 hours in. Tuesday I went for work at 11 pm and came out at 8:30 this morning but I had to come in to work at 4:30pm for a client meeting. Again barely 4.5 hours or so is what I actually managed in terms of sleep.

The flip side is I got off work early tonight and will be home by 12am. I can relax at home for a few hours and watch some tv shows. Its a small consolation.

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