3rd Blogaversary

With all the excitement surrounding fixing a New Year’s eve outing with my buddies and buying the BlackBerry today – I’d all but forgotten about today! Other than being the first day of the new year & new decade, today is also this blog’s 3rd blogaversary!

3 years ago, after buying the webspace & installing WordPress in here (I had reserved the domain name a few weeks before that) with the help of my cousin over the phone, Awake & Dreaming was born. Since then she has been my constant companion everyday and I always look forward to entering a few things on a daily basis. She is my outlet, the window to my world and the place where my creativity comes to life.

For those of you who keep coming back to read, thank you. I wish I could offer you some cake

6 thoughts on “3rd Blogaversary

  1. Oh, congratulations on your 3 year Blogaversary. I enjoy your blog very much and I hope you keep writing it for many years to come!.

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