4 Day Weekend Coming Up?

Well it’s coming to the end of the first part of my holiday. As mentioned earlier, I had applied for 9 days leave and off combined at work so I could relax and recharge before the upcoming busy schedule at work which will see me and my department have multiple new training batches to handle as we are expecting 350 new people to join our company and process. That is a big number but no where as big as the initial numbers floated.

So I got my leaves but I have to be in to work tomorrow. After that I was to get the three day weekend that everyone is getting as it’s the Good Friday-Easter weekend. However that may stretch to 4 days as it has been confirmed that we are to have a nationwide strike on Monday. And its a 24 hour strike which means no offices, businesses, shops or stores will be open all Monday till Tuesday midnight. Sheesh!

So this will mean I and my colleagues along with many others will get a 4 day weekend to enjoy and relax and party. Party on Monday in the comfort of your, family’s or close friends’ homes. Better stock up on beer and the essentials.

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