4 Days Of Bliss Upcoming

I know it’s still a few days away but I am so looking forward to a 4 day mini-vacation / holiday coming up. I gotta say, when you work night shifts, you star looking forward to the weekend by Tuesday morning! Even before you finish two days of work. It’s Wednesday afternoon now, me having just woken up about 90 minutes ago and I am tired and could use another 2 hours of sleep.

I have had an early lunch at 12:45 pm, since I do not eat breakfast on days that I wake up this late due to my work shift. I usually get up, brush my teeth and wash my face and then get my coffee at come to the laptop. After lunch, it’s back to the laptop again and maybe watch a couple of tv show episodes till 3:30 pm or 4pm when it’s more coffee and maybe a snack before I start to get ready for work. I shower, shave and poop and get dressed. In between I will find 20 minutes or so for some quiet time.

But yeah back to the 4 day holiday -September 1st to the 4th – I am thinking, why not take a nice hotel room for 203 days and just relax? Somewhere here in the city or a little further away. Take a nice, comfy room and chill. Sleep in, enjoy some room service, watch hours of countless tv on cable and maybe a drink or two. I’ve never done that but I am thinking that I could use some time away from home. That would be nice!

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