Oh man, I am so beat, so dead tired. I was up from 7 am and reached the office by 9:45 am which is late. But I was at the office, arranging for the function in the department of training, till 10:00 pm and all parts of my body are aching. I went in with lots of expectations on how the day would progress and it did fall short by quite a bit. But I still did enjoy every moment of it today and am willing to do more. In fact I am facing a 15 hour work day tomorrow but I am looking forward to it.

Dressing me up as the event’s official mascot, with a graduation gown (a lawyer’s gown converted) and a made from scratch graduation hat, posters, placards & banners parading around the three floors with some of my colleagues was indeed fun and a huge hit among the 600 plus employees. I think after the reaction to today’s invitation & rehearsal, tomorrow is gonna be a blast. My disguise and outfits are almost done and I have my act ready. I just hope that it goes well tomorrow. Now I must go to sleep, as I have to be up at 5 am. Goodnite!

Song for the day – “El Farol” – SANTANA

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