48 Hours Of Down Time

Ok, I’m not that sick as depicted in this little cartoon, i.e I do not have a temperature and I am not restricted to lying in my bed at all times. However I am unwell.

I got wet in the rain last Thursday night while walking from the office till the bus stop. It wasn’t raining heavily but I guess that was more than enough to make me sick. The next day I battled a sore throat and tried fending it off with lots of hot water & coffee. Saturday and Sunday it was more of the same followed by a hacking cough and a cold. Runny nose was the highlight of my Sunday.

I felt better on Monday, enough to get to work but the air conditioned environment wasn’t really helping my sinuses. I coughed and sniffed my way throughout the day. I still struggled and survived the day and on my way home got some hot coffee. Yesterday I was feeling even more worse and people kept offering to get me black tea, coffee & hot water. I decided that I needed some rest from work and stay at home or I would end up getting even more sick. So I applied for a 2 day leave from the office, which was granted no doubt by hearing & seeing me cough about 90 times in a 5 minute discussion. I was so happy to get this leave as I really didn’t know how I would manage to stay in the office and get by.

Oh and last night I had some wonderfully rich hot chocolate at Cafe Coffee Day. It’s called Molten Chocolate or Molten Lava or something and is absolutely delicious and did a wonderful job on my sinuses & throat.

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