5 Foods I’d Hate to Live Without

1) Grilled sandwiches : oh, I would love to have one everyday. I just love sandwiches like grilled tuna melt, chicken, chicken tikka or grilled cheese & spinach corn. My new favs is a mozzarella chicken that is a little spicy but still amazing. A good club sandwich with some frys; you just can’t go wrong with that.

2) Pizza : I’ll say it again, I have never met a pizza that I didn’t love! Pizza is the best thing that ever came out of Italy (and they have lots of things to be proud out). I just love bacon or pepperoni on my pizza but usually I feel that pizza’s should be vegetarian. Some mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes, onions, corn and lots of cheese. Simple and yet so good!

3) Shawarma : I grew up till the age of 11 with shawarma – good ole sandwiches or rolls with the cut up meat, some veggies, hummus and if you like, add some ketchup! I prefer beef shawarmas but chicken taste well too. They also have something called an al-faham, which is a kind of grilled chicken. Delicious!

4) Noodles : any kind of noodles. I am a noodles nut and I can eat noodles 3 times a day, 366 (for this leap year) a year and not complain. I love noodles with anything but am partial to the really good chopsuey I get in a bar/restaurant over here. Boiled veggies with chicken, beef & prawns and an egg with crispy noodles & a little gravy. Hmmm, hmmm!

5) Fish fry : I’m a typical Kerala coastal town boy in that I love my fish. Sardines, pomfrets, pearl spot, mackrels & anchovies – I love them all. I prefer fish fry to curries just because I feel that the fish tastes better when it’s fried.

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