5 Gadgets Every Movie Lover Needs

When it comes to improving your movie watching experience, there are plenty of gadgets that can come in handy. Here are just five must-have gadgets for any movie lover.

A 4k TV

A 4K TV could help you to watch your movies in stunning realistic detail. They’re a step up from HD, often referred to as UHD (ultra high definition). There are lots of different 4K TVs on the market to choose from – this 4K UHD buying guide could help you find the right one suited to your needs and budget. Other cool modern features to consider could include a curved screen (which allows people from all around the room to get an equally good view) and smart technology capability (which allows you link up your TV with your smartphone). 4K TVs are starting to get more affordable – perhaps due to the rise of 8K TVs, which have an even greater resolution, but are still very much a luxury option.

A sound bar

To turn your living room into a home cinema, surround sound speakers could be another worthy purchase. The sound bar is the most innovative new speaker system – rather that having to place speakers all around the room, you can have a single speaker in the form of a strip just below the TV which is capable of bouncing sound around the room. There are a lot of different sound bars out there to meet all budgets. Make sure to choose a design that complements your TV.

A tablet

For watching movies on the go, nothing beats a tablet. This could be a great way of filling a long commute or a way of occupying the kids on a long car journey. There are lots of different tablets on the market – the tablet buying comparison guide could be worth reading before you invest in one.

An all-in-one remote

Rather than having multiple remotes for different things, you could consider switching to an all-in-one remote that allows you to control your TV, your speakers and your media players at once. These could help to cut out the confusion.

A VHS converter

Still got an old library of VHS tapes gathering dust in your attic? Converting them into DVDs could be possible thanks to a small USB stick. This gadget records whatever is on the TV and saves it onto the USB drive. This can then be burned onto a DVD, allowing you to keep your selection more consistent. All-in-one media players are another option, although these tend to be bulky bit of kit that may not fit under all TVs.

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