5 More Kinds Of Permanent Work From Home Careers To Opt For

6. Web Developer

Web developer roles used to be on-site roles, not long ago. However, with the popularity of digital nomads and remote roles, web developer positions are now suited best for a work from home career. As a web developer or a programmer, your job is to create software and applications by writing code, debugging it, and deploying it. You employ one or more programming languages to build a product or service, or specific parts of it. While web developers operate in agile teams, everyone has specific tasks they are assigned to.

7. Social Media Manager

With almost all companies now having dedicated social media accounts, social media managers are in demand. Companies hire them to maintain their accounts or develop a complete social media strategy involving everything from social media campaigns to brand voice development. If you’re creative, have fresh ideas, and are great with new tools and digital mediums, social media management could be a good fit. You’ll be responsible for increasing engagement, social media traffic, and building brand recognition. Many social media managers work for a number of companies, as the position is flexible and remote.

8. Online Educator

The role of an online educator is identical to traditional teachers in developing curriculums, monitoring student performance, and providing instruction on specific subjects and specializations. The key difference lies in the medium in which the educators operate. Perfect for anyone with a teaching degree or specialization in core competency, online educators teach students via online platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams.

9. Graphic Designer

As most companies are trying to increase their digital presence, the demand for good graphic designers in computer systems designs and related services is on the rise. Almost all graphic design jobs are going remote, thus giving designers the flexibility to work from a place of their choice. You can also create and sell templates, be a design consultant for a number of companies, or design fonts, pre-made logo packages, and printable items.

10. Product Reviewer

You can make a decent living, and that too from home—reviewing products that you use. So, you must begin by picking a niche and registering yourself in a site that provides product review gigs. You have to come up with ideas for new products, review products, provide opinions on advertising campaigns, and more. Companies also hire product reviewers to review products that are in the testing phase. They ship you the products and pay you an amount that’s mutually agreed upon in return for real user feedback.

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