5 Things I Know For Sure But Can’t Prove

  1. A good portion of written history is falsified or exaggerated. History is written by the survivours, victors of war and by the ruling class in several eras of humankind. Some of them must be bogus.
  2. I don’t believe a god or gods exist. I am an atheist so I will say that I don’t believe in any god. Not one. But if you ask me to prove that none exists, I can’t say that for sure. But while I am unconvinced of what religious people tell me, can there be such beings (not exactly what current religions claim but different) around? Nope. I am pretty sure that none exist.
  3. Politicians and religious institutions are in bed and they are fucking the rest of us dry. They are in cahoots and they know their claims are false but they want power and they don’t mind stomping on you to get it.
  4. Good music, created by creative minds, composed by artists who have mastered their instruments is dying. In a couple of decades we won’t have new good music at all, just the synthezied, rap, hip-hop and pop drivel. And finally modern music will die off. Which is why in a lot of scifi shows & movies classical music is all that they play. It’s all that is left.
  5. There is intelligent life out there on other worlds, other planets, moons and galaxies. Way too many planets and galaxies out there for it not to be so. Someday we will make first contact. There has to be aliens other there. C’mon we aren’t that special!

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