5 Things In Your Backpack

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“If you were going to take a journey and could only put 5 things in your backpack, what would they be? Why? “

Ok are talking about stuff including clothes (shirts, pants, underwear) and toiletries? You know the basic stuff that is so important to your sense of hygiene and just being a human. Without including the essentials in clothing and say toothbrushes & paste, here is my 5 things in my backback.

  1. Deodorant! You never know when you’re gonna met that super awesome babe of your dreams on this journey. Better to be prepared.
  2. A tablet pc or a netbook / 13 inch laptop. Let’s face it, you always gotta be connected when you are on the go. And instantly upload all those awesome pics and blog about your journey.
  3. An umbrella. It does not need any reasoning, unless you are someone who lives where it had never rained in your lifetime.
  4. Medical kit. For medical emergencies. Good, common sense. Including a bunch of my asthma inhalers. Because I have asthma.
  5. Flashlights / torches. For when you get stuck on a dark part of the world and some creepy crawly with a blood curling shriek is headed in your direction!

That’s my 5!

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