5 Things That I Want

List five things you want.

  1. Money, lots of money. I need some money, a lot more money. I just need a whole truck load of cash to get my life back in line and sort out a bunch of stuff.
  2. I need a new, well paying, good job like right now! Yesterday even. I need to feel productive and active and contributing once again. I am tired of my life.
  3. A nice apartment of my own. I want to live in my space. I don’t want to be here, I want someplace that is my own. Paid for and not renting. 3 bedrooms one of which I will make into my den and 2 bathrooms attached, a nice kitchen, a living room / dining room and a balcony would be nice. Or a house – not too big but with a big, green grass filled backyard.
  4. A spanking new computer with the latest specs and/or a new laptop
  5. A family of my own – loving, beautiful wife and 2 dogs and 2 cats as our fur babies

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