My Now Favourite Sandwich Spread

I have mentioned it here before that I love mayonnaise, and garlic mayonnaise is really one up above that. I must also add, that I usually buy eggless mayo, like the brand that you see here. I used to buy Veeba’s garlic mayo most of the time but lately it has been this particular brand which I started buying from the online grocery delivery store that I usually buy groceries from when Veeba was not available – Dr. Oetker’s Garlic Mayonnaise from FunFoods.

So now for a few months I have been buying this brand more and 4 to 5 mornings a week my breakfast is 4 thin slices with liberal spreadings of this garlic mayo. At times I will add either cucumbers slices or tomato slices or perhaps both. Toast the bread and then make my sandwiches and get my coffee, which is usually my second for the day, A nice, hot, black & sweet coffee with two nice sandwiches of garlic mayo with some tomato & cucumbers sounds really nice during these cold, rainy monsoon mornings.

That is what I usually like for breakfast. Other days it could be dosa or maybe upma or bread with peanut butter. But yeah most of the days it is eggless garlic mayo with toast. And coffee!

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