Wing Of Tomorrow – Europe

Wings of Tomorrow is the second studio album by the Swedish rock band Europe. It was released on 24 February 1984, by Hot Records in Sweden, and by Epic Records in the United States. Wings of Tomorrow is the last album to feature drummer Tony Reno, before being replaced by Ian Haughland, who is still the current drummer. This album precedes the world famous The Final Countdown. Compared to their debut, Wings Of Tomorrow was a much more stronger album and has several live performance favourites. The album had 4 singles released – Lyin’ Eyes, Stormwind, Dreamer & Open Your Heart – the latter of which got a new lease on life with a slightly different version in 1988.

In addition to that the title track which is the 6th song is a real banger and should have been one of the singles released. Stormwind is possibly the strongest song on the record with an instantly hummable tune and chorus, and great solo guitar work from John Norum. Scream of Anger is a composing collaboration between Joey Tempest and former member and bassist the late Marcel Jacob. Open Your Heart is the love ballad in the album which gained greater reach and acclaim after being reworked a it and re-released as a single on 1988’s Out Of This World however I prefer this original version.

Another gem is the instrumental Aphasia which showcases Norum’s guitar skills but Dreamer is a lovely ballad that will make you think of sailing on a small boat on the waters as the full moon shines it’s light on you. That was the image I always got when I listened to the song.

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