6 Things I Just Can’t Handle 

6 things you just can’t handle 

  1. Sitting in a van/big vehicle and going through a narrow lane with shops/stalls and people walking about. I always feel that we are going to hit someone and they will end up in a hospital or, worse, dead.
  2. Waking up really early. There should be a law against that. 8 am is ok. 7 or 7:30 am is alright if absolutely needed. But anything earlier than that should be criminalized.
  3. Holier than thou people. The overtly religious people and I will never mix. But the ones who think they are extremely special because they have a “personal relationship” are the worst. Keep thy religion to thine asshole!
  4. Bullies who try and showcase their might just because they are bigger and have numbers against a small number of people.
  5. Parents who think that their children are theirs to control even after a certain age. They want to control what you do in life, what you study and what career path they should take. And yeah also, control who they will sleep with. Yuck!
  6. Political bullshit. Those who do all kinds of nonsense and then pretend that they are angels in disguise.

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