9 1/2 Hours Of Today

After a day spent at home, working whatever I could, I expected today to be a lot more hectic. And it was – a 9 hour roller-coaster of emotional lows! I reached the office at 10 am and immediately got into it. I didn’t stop for a moment until I looked up and saw that it was already 1pm! Not enough time for a coffee and since I was quite hungry, I checked with my team and they were all ready for lunch but it was still another 20 minutes before we trudged into the cafeteria.

There’s a client mandated event, but run by yours truly, happening in the office and I had to stop to snap some photos along the way. Post lunch, I headed back to the production floor for some more photos and then back to my seat. Then it was arranging for stuff to be ready when the clients came in. By 4 pm we were in the launch phase of the event and it was in the board room with a couple of videos and some discussion which went on till just after 5 pm.

From 5 pm till 7:30 pm I was preparing ppts on this event. Then as I left the office, there was a huge traffic block, so we had to walk a bit and wait for a while before we could board a bus. Who knows why there was a block from HMT jn till Aluva? Religious morons? Political assholes? Who the fucks knows? I reached home a little after 8:30 pm and went to work on the remaining work on a ppt for February’s performance.

I then realized that I’ve only had one cup of coffee all day (is that why I felt so dull and jaded) and that other than 2 glasses during lunch, I hadn’t drunk any water either! Also, I didn’t have the time to go to the loo as well! Well…no input, no output!! I’m sipping a lot of water now as I type this. Need to hydrate.

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