9 Hour Power Outage

Today my area had a 9 hour power outage. 9 hours! Thanks KSEB for a bad Saturday! Anyways, I had plans to go for a movie, Alien : Covenant, in the morning (crazy I know) and then get some lunch with my cousin. I also wanted to get a few things at the Big Bazaar inside Center Square mall which also houses Cinepolis. I woke up at 8 am but having slept late at night I hit the snooze button three times and only got outta bed by 8:15 to go and get some coffee. After coffee and a little light reading online, I went to shave and take a shower and do my business in the loo.

But as I got out of the shower I noticed that the power was out. And it didn’t come back 30 minutes later when I had to get ready and go. So I walked down the 7 set of stairs and hailed an Uber and reached the mall. Cousin Sujith was waiting there for me. Having only had 1 coffee each we were hungry and despite the fact that it’s a 10:20 am movie, not having had breakfast meant we were starving and a Coke and popcorn sounded good. So we got two medium Cokes and cheese popcorn and went into the theatre screen which was showing the movie in the multiplex. I guess it was due to the early house but it was just us and 9 other people in the theatre.

We were the first ones in that particular screen but were soon joined by the 9 other folks. And usually we order and pay for the popcorn and coke and ask the staff to get it to us at our seats. This is because we have to stand at attention when the national anthem is played (before every movie as per the current government’s rule) and I don’t want to have the drinks and popcorn in my way as I stand at attention. And usually by the time they bring the food and drinks, the anthem would have already played and we can relax for the trailers. But as there were less people and hence less orders, they brought it to us quickly. In order to not drop the popcorn bucket as I stood up I told Sujith to keep it against the wall on the stand on his seat.

National anthem plays and we stand and dingus here drops the bucket as he sits down. His but hits the bucket and the popcorn falls onto his seat and on the floor. We were able to salvage most of the popcorn but the ones on the ground, we left it there. Post the movie, which we loved, we did a little shopping and then went in for burgers to The Burger Junction. On my way back I stopped at the self service BevCo outlet to buy 5 beers. But I had to walk 7 set of stairs at my building as the power was still out and the elevator was not working. Tired and sweaty I rested for a while after lugging the heavy bags of provisions and beers. At night it’s pizza and beer for me plus some football.

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