9 Months Since The First Lockdown

It has now been 9 months since the initial lockdown here where I live and 9 months since we started working from our homes. Some people & companies who don’t have the option have gone back. Some people & companies who have the option have also gone back. Me, I haven’t gone back since. And if I had my way – also as per what I had heard – I don’t ever want to go back.

A few days I attended this all company, multi-nation year end meeting that had over 300 participants. This was just my department and it was a mixed R&R and also announcements for the next year and going forward. One of the things that was announced by a senior VP is that the company is looking at fixing the work for the employee base as a 70% work from home and only 30% work from office. This is even if the vaccines start working and everyone gets it and things return to normal.

Now, I get that the companies can actually save a lot more if we employees work from home. They save on space, electricity, washroom maintenance, admin & maintenance, transportation (due to the night shifts they have to provide cabs) and food/water. In the past 9 months they have saved up on so much of that. Some companies have made it so that atleast 50% to 80% of their staff can now work from home and they then cut down on their office space, saving even more money. I’m guessing my company will go the same route and it will make sense for them to do so.

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