9 Pink Coffee Mugs

waking the dead movie download Nice coffee mug? My company, a BPO, gave me one of these yesterday at around 5 pm. Me and my team, we all got one each with different patterns on it. The one I have is more pinkish, with floral patterns in white (with red centers where the pollen is supposed to be) but it’s the same shape & style. Also the handle has gaps at the top and bottom for the spoon to be placed (yes it came with a white porcelain spoon). The reason for the mugs to be presented. So for getting the training team of Kerala of the BPO that takes care of the customer care service for one of India’s biggest cell phone service provider (and a big global company) we got a coffee mug each! The Kerala circle of this company has never been on top ever and we got them there. That’s 19 Indian states! The cell phone company never got them to the top but me & my 8 member team did. They didn’t give us anything – not even a congratulatory email. But the BPO I work for got us mugs.

Wow, I wonder what the smaller companies give out – a tea bag, handful of coffee beans, a sugar cube?

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