9 Years Have Passed Since You Died

9 years ago today my best friend of 11 years, my dog Shawny passed away. She died after an infection caused from a pneumonia like fever. Even after we called the vet and tried giving her medicines, she only last 2 more days. I was alone at home while it happened. The last days of her life were of her lying down in her kennel and not coming out at all, just a little whine. I would feed her some milk mixed with water. She hadn’t eaten anything except maybe some gruel water. She was drinking water. She kept whining when I went to give her the milk but she couldn’t get up but everytime I called her name, she would wag her tail. Later on the afternoon of the 3rd day after we called the vet, she passed away while I worried about her. When I went to check on her for the umpteenth time that day, I found her lifeless body.

I cannot ever forget the feeling of having failed my best friend and the feeling of loss and loneliness that I still feel to this day. With the help of my uncle and a guy who does odd jobs, we had a hole dug for Shawny in our backyard and buried her. It’s been 9 years since she died but I highly doubt that a day has gone by without her in my thoughts. I always dream and/or day dream of space voyages and fantastic adventures traveling in spaceship and fighting bad alien guys on alien planets. Next to me in my adventures, always a constant companion is Shawny. I miss her terribly. I’ll never forget her as long as I live.

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