Work @Home Current Routine

I am a trainer. I conducted training for my office and for the process that I work for. The situation with the coronavirus means that I cannot conduct training at the office (training batches are usually 20-30 new hires) face to face. Like a lot of people I am currently working from home and have […]

Here are a Few of the Reasons Why Your Home Might Not be Selling

There really are so many stages that have to be fully completed before your house actually sells. Some naturally take longer than others and they may even be out of your control. If you are concerned that your property is not attracting interest after a few months on the market, then now is the time […]

Stage Your Home Interior For Better

You may be familiar with the idea of staging your interior. If you follow influencers on Instagram, staging is part of their everyday lives. You’ve probably come across photos that not only show behind the scenes of the most popular shots. Staging is, ultimately, the art of creating an impression by using your decor strategically.It’s […]

No, You Shouldn’t Sell Your Home During The Coronavirus Pandemic

With house prices falling due to the pandemic, it’s tempting to take advantage of the housing market. Selling now could be a smart way to recoup the value of your home while saving money. After all, the drop in house prices should let you snap one up pretty cheaply in theory. However enticing it sounds, […]