A Beautiful But Weird Layout For An Apartment

Pretty cool & stylish, well polished look for the apartment. It does have a weird layout though and I would change a few things, especially the bedroom/living room cum tv area. I mean, you don’t want to entertain guests in the same room as you sleep in, right? Well now, ofcourse unless the guest happens to be a sexy, busty blond with legs that you are dying to have wrapped around you!

But otherwise, I love this apartment and would want to live in a place like this. They haven’t shown us if there’s a balcony or something. I also notice a lack of windows! Still gorgeous.

2 thoughts on “A Beautiful But Weird Layout For An Apartment”

  1. There’s only one window. It’s probably a half-basement apartment next to a garage which are in ample supply in parts of Montreal. They are cheaper but lighting sucks and no balcony. It’s pretty but I need windows for light and aeration.

    Moving to Montreal?

  2. I still like it but I love open windows – bigger is better except for mosquitoes & other insects. I love an open window in the rain.

    Moving to Montreal? I wish, I wish, I wish but no. I’m into apartment designs and I interact with a company here that sells cheaper but neater apartments (I have 3 contacts there). Sometimes I suggest designs for them. So during weekends I look for nice apartments on Youtube.

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